Here are Some Leaked Images of the McLaren BC-03

McLaren BC-03

It May Not Be a One-Off Machine

The BC-03 is actually the codename for the upcoming, super-special McLaren. The car takes after the Vision GT concept in some ways as well as the McLaren Senna GTR. Recently some low-res images of the car leaked out giving the world a good look at the car. 

It’s sleek and fast-looking. The car features a unique huge rear wing and some seriously sensual curves. The rear wing gets some LEDs that are kind of like the ones found on modern F1 cars. There’s also a massive rear diffuser and exhaust. Pair all that with some six-spoke wheels and a two-tone livery with some subtle orange accents and you have one awesome car. 

Technical specs are unknown at this time. However, we can say that the rumor is the car will be powered by a hybrid powertrain featuring one electric motor and a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The vehicle could come with all-wheel-drive thanks to the hybrid powertrain.

According to The Supercar Blog, previous reports that this car is a one-off could be wrong. New information suggests that McLaren will, in fact, build 15 of the BC-03, or whatever it will officially be called. Pricing and availability are not yet known.