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Holy Crap. Tesla’s Announced A New Roadster That Will Be The Fastest Production Car Ever Made

Yesterday our b0y Elon Musk announced the second generation Tesla Roadster, a four-seater roadster whose numbers are just absurdly impressive. The car on this page is going to be the world’s fastest production car. It is a great time to be a car guy (or gal), the innovation and speed with which electric cars are moving the game forward is just awesome.

Now, back to those crazy performance numbers. 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds makes it the first time a car cracks the under 2-second time (WOW). 0 to 100 mph is over in in 4.2 seconds and the quarter mile is demolished in 8.9 seconds.

“It’ll be faster than that jet over there,” Musk said during the unveil. Musk said he wouldn’t confirm the top speed, but hinted that it was “above 250 mph.” For Supercars fans, these number would put the Tesla Roadster at the top few cars in our Top 50 Supercars Listed By Top Speed and the clear leader in the Top 50 Supercars Listed By 0-60 Mph Runs stakes.

Musk said the Roadster had a 200 kwh battery pack and a 620-mile range per charge, or over 1,000 kilometers. Again, another record shattered. Or so Musk claims. The vehicle has three motors, one in the front and two in the rear, all-wheel drive and torque steering.

Check out the image gallery and video below for more.