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Imagine Your Lambo Getting Gapped By This 1200 HP Toyota MR2

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The only reason I never ended up buying an MR2 was because my friends warned me that it is an unstable, oversteering death-box. I’ve actually heard the MR2 be referred to a “death-box” on numerous occasions. That was enough to deter me from buying a stock MR2, but if you are in the market for doubling down on your suicidal death-wish, why not buy an MR2 and take it to the next level with 1200 horsepower worth of engine upgrades? Yikes.

If you have a small car and feel the need for 800+ WHP, typically, a Honda K20 engine swap is the way to go. They’re quaint little four-bangers that can hold a withstand a wicked amount of abuse from power upgrades. The owner of this MR2 dropped a 2.0L K20 crate into the mid-engine configuration and boosted the “f*** you!” level to over 9000 with the addition of a plethora of internal components that bumped the power from the stock 200 horsepower to the tune of 1200 glorious small-displacement ponies.

You can’t have a K20 engine-swap build without a gigantic turbo, and this one, in particular, is pushing a whopping 50 PSI. Don’t thank god; thank Honda for overengineering the K20. With the engine upgrades, this car managed to run a 0-60 mph in just 2.56 seconds and its 1/4-mile run only took 8.87 seconds.

The TRC YouTube channel has a few videos showcasing this build in all its glory. They claim that “this is the quickest and fastest H-pattern trans MR2 and quickest/fastest MR2 on a radial tire“. Amazing. Here are some videos below showcasing how fast the car really is.