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In-Depth Look At The SSR GT: The Ultimate 911 Turbo With Over 900 Horsepower!

Based in Munich, Stefan Schlund Racing (SSR Performance) has established itself as a reputable provider of top-notch tuning and motorsport solutions for various car brands. Founded in 2016 by Stefan Schlund, a passionate racing driver and engineer, the company leverages Schlund’s wealth of motorsport experience to develop and optimize vehicles to the highest standards. SSR Performance actively participates in racing events, competing in prestigious series like the ADAC GT Masters and the Nürburgring Endurance Series.

Now, SSR Performance aims to translate its extensive expertise into a road car and create the ultimate version of the iconic Porsche 911. With the introduction of the SSR GT, a limited edition 992 Turbo model, the company steps onto the scene as a new contender. This extraordinary vehicle boasts refined aerodynamics and an impressive power output. However, SSR Performance plans to produce only ten units of this exceptional machine.

Built on the latest-generation 911 Turbo S platform, the SSR GT boasts over 900 horsepower, thanks to a range of motorsport-inspired performance enhancements. From visually striking design elements to engine upgrades and more, SSR Performance has meticulously crafted a comprehensive package that deserves the title as the ultimate 911 Turbo.

In his newest video, Shmee gets to drive this amazing supercar on Autobahn to see what it’s like. We also get a tour at Stefan Schlund Racing’s facility.