Jaguar XJL Supersport Anounced

Earlier today Jaguar previewed their first preproduction XJ at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London. The car on display was a long wheelbase XJL which will be fitted with the 510 bhp V8 for the Supersport model. You can watch the entire launch with Jay Leno here

More than anything else, this model borrows elements from the impressive Jaguar CX-F Concept revealed in 2007. Looking even further back, we can trace the XJ’s lineage back to the 1966 Jaguar 420G. In top specification, the flagship 2010 Jaguar will sell for $115,000 USD.

This car shares much in common with Arden’s newest project, the Fastcat. Based off the basic 4.2-liter XF, Arden’s version comes out faster than Jaguar’s own 5.0-liter XFR.