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Lamborghini Miura P400

Lamborghini Finds and Certifies the Miura P400 From the Original ‘The Italian Job’

After Five Decades

If you’ve ever seen the original “The Italian Job,” then you’ve probably drooled over the orange Miura P400 in the opening scenes. Then you probably cried when it was destroyed. However, the car wasn’t actually destroyed. The movie used an already wrecked Miura to shoot those scenes. The real car lived on, though nobody knew where. It was lost despite collectors trying to find it. 

Lamborghini Polo Storico recently announced it found the car and certified it as chassis number #3586. According to Carscoops, Lamborghini didn’t have much to do with actually finding it. The owner brought it in. However, the company did do the arduous task of verifying it by searching through records and comparing what it did know about the car. 

Apparently, after the car was used in the film, it was driven back to the factory and then delivered to its first owner. From there it changed hands several times. Fritz Kaiser, the car’s current owner, bought the car in 2018 and decided to have Lamborghini Polo Storico take a closer look at it. He has to be happy with the results.