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When the brand new Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica rolls off the Linea Huracán in Sant’Agata she already comes with high downforce, remember the Tecnica is actually a somewhat toned-down version of the all-out race track inspired Huracán STO, still, the designers from NOVITEC added a few tailor-made aerodynamic-enhancement parts to make the Tecnica stand out from the base Huracán EVO even more.

NOVITEC retained the front bumper of the Huracán Tecnica, but the front hood has been replaced by a new unit, preferably in clear carbon fiber, this NOVITEC part comes with slits on the left and right to tunnel air through the hood via integrated air ducts, thus creating downforce that optimizes stability at speed, just because the Huracán Tecnica isn’t made to be parked, but she wants to be driven fast.

Side sills are another part in which NOVITEC excels, especially as once again these come in visible carbon fiber, usually glossy, which is also known as ‘wet’ carbon fiber, and while these might look similar to the original side sills, they are just a little lower to the ground and come with modified air intakes in front of the rear wheels for increased cooling of the disk brakes, another touch of carbon fiber seen on the side are the exterior rearview mirror covers, a small detail, but details matter.

NOVITEC wheels might look like original Lamborghini units, but they aren’t, this black demo car sits on a ‘staggered’ set, NOVITEC NL4 to be exact, in a diameter of 20 inches at the front and 21 inches on the rear axle, adding the exact tire size required to precisely fill out the available space under the factory original wheel arches, these units are the track-derived center lock wheels, but you can also order this design in a more standard five-bolt pattern.

Vossen produces these wheels with their particularly spectacular design using state-of-the-art forging and machining technology. Their six spokes taper off into the shape of a Y at the rim flange and thereby make these wheels look even larger than they already are. The front axle features size 9Jx20 wheels with 245/30 ZR 20 high-performance tires. Tires of size 325/25/ZR 21 mounted on 12.5Jx21 rims on the rear axle provide outstanding traction. However, these NOVITEC wheels offer yet another advantage: With a palette of 72 colors plus a choice of brushed or polished surface finishes, Vossen fulfills even unusual customer requests.

 The rear tires, which are wider than those of the production car, are not the only thing to make the handling of the rear-wheel drive Huracán even sportier and more direct. To this end, NOVITEC offers professional suspension tuning for the Tecnica models with MAGNETO suspension. The NOVITEC sports springs lower the ride height of the Lamborghini by about 35 millimeters. As an alternative, there is the NOVITEC aluminum coilover suspension, which was developed in cooperation with KW. It features 14 selectable settings for the damping behavior both in the low-speed and in high-speed range. In addition, it allows for lowering the ride height of the Lamborghini seamlessly by up to 35 millimeters.


As usual, you can ask NOVITEC to install a precision-tuned high-performance exhaust system, so the glorious Lamborghini V10 howl and performance get enhanced even further, the neighbors might not like you anymore after you leave for work in the morning, but then again, you love it, and you can always opt for the active sound management which allows making the exhaust note a little less intrusive by closing butterfly valves in the exhaust system, if you are really serious you get this NOVITEC exhaust made from ultra-light INCONEL used in F1 racing, or a more price conscious stainless steel.

NOVITEC exhaust systems always feature thermal insulation to reduce the temperatures in the engine bay and thus optimize performance and durability. The INCONEL version is optionally available with 999 fine gold plating, which has even more of a positive impact on the temperatures under the hood. All NOVITEC systems are designed so that they can be combined with the hallmark hexagonal tailpipes of the Tecnica.

Huracán owners wishing for a particularly exclusive interior find a huge variety of leather and Alcantara colors at NOVITEC, which the company masterfully transforms into a myriad of perfectly finished designs.