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Lamborghini Revuelto Races Up The FOS Hill

Lamborghini’s newest flagship supercar, the Revuelto, boasts a remarkable blend of stunning performance and beautiful design all in one package. Unveiled this year as the successor to the Aventador, it derives its power from a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 engine, seamlessly integrated with three electric motors, resulting in an astounding power output of 1,001 horsepower. While the hybrid powertrain’s performance is undeniably impressive, it is the soul-stirring sound of the V12 engine that truly captivates.

With a total power output of 1,001 hp coming from its high-revving V12 hybrid powertrain, Lamborghini claims a 0-62 mph time of just 2.5 seconds, on the way to a top speed of 217 mph. Lamborghini brought their Revuelto to the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed and had it race up the FOS hill.