Lamborghini Wins!

Now there’s a headline we’ve never seen. Earlier today, Reiter Engineering took the first overall victory for a Lamborghini at the FIA GT Race in Zhuhai, China.

This is a milestone in Lamborghini history and obliterates the assertion that Lamborghini lacks successful motor sport credentials. During the race, it seems driver Christophe Bouchut was able to take advantage of a few safety laps near the end and hold the lead. We have shots of the victors and the Lamborghini lapping the circuit in China.

Just in are the results from SSC’s first planned high speed run which they attempted on Nevada’s Highway 93. Unfortunately, a snowstorm meant changing locations to an uneven road surface and the Aero was limited to 230 mph before its driver had to back off. Only using half throttle at that speed, the Aero’s available 1183 bhp was massive and could spin the wheels at 190 in 6th gear!

Today we have shots from this week’s test complements of SSC’s official photographer Jason Thorgalsen. He also reports to us that they will try again for the production speed record at a better location in the near future.