LeMans Weekend

In a predictable outcome, Audi once again won the most important race in the world. Despite a heavy threat from Peugeot and retirement of a team car, Frank Biela, Emanuele Pirro and Marco Werner drove Audi #1 the furthest, leading to a wet 24 hour finish.

Big news came from the GT1 class where Aston Martin successfully dethroned long time winner Corvette. Number 009 placed a remarkable fifth overall as driven by David Brabham, Rickard Rydell and Darren Turner.

Our gallery of LeMans with shots from over 10 sources can be found here.

To complement LeMans we have a round of Ferrari’s Historic Challenge from Mont Tremblant. Despite an absence of the factory’s Corse Clienti program, our gallery by Richard Owen and Stephan Bauer still features some remarkable classic Ferraris and the ongoing F430 Challenge.