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LM Spec McLaren F1 to be Sold in Monterey by RM Sotheby’s

One of Only Two Cars Like It

The McLaren F1 is a car that’s burned into the brains of many motorsports and car enthusiasts as the ultimate machine. The car is a legendary one. McLaren built 64 production road cars, 28 F1 GTR racers, two long-tail GT cars, and seven prototypes. The company also built five F1 LMs, according to EVO. Two of the production road cars were later converted to LM cars. One of these will go up for auction in Monterey at the RM Sotheby’s sale in August. 

The conversion cars received complete makeovers. They also got numerous upgrades, including a full aerodynamics kit, transmission cooler, upgraded radiators, modified exhaust, 18-inch GTR alloy wheels, new air conditioning, different lights, upgraded suspension, and a new steering wheel. 

The car that will be on sale in Monterey is said to be in amazing condition. The car’s previous owners cared for it meticulously over the years. All of its history, including maintenance, has been well-documented ensuring the next owner of the car knows everything about it. While it’s unclear what the car will bring at auction, EVO Magazine notes that due to the previous sales of similar cars you can expect this model to fetch over $15 million and maybe even more than $20 million.