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McLaren Puts Ultimate Series On Hold Until 2025

Waiting on Bigger Things

McLaren has no plans on beefing up their Ultimer Series supercar line-up until 2025, where they are planning on presenting the world with the successor to their breadwinner; the McLaren P1.

With the Senna, Elva and Speedtail recently being released, you’d be hard-pressed to find room in their Ultimate Series for another car anyways, but regardless the brand has announced that they will be holding off developing any more cars for this section of the company until the P1’s next evolution arrives.

The Ultimate Series is McLarens highest tier of McLaren excellence when it comes to their production models. These cars are low-volume, super-fast, and sell slowly.

It hasn’t been an easy year for McLaren. The Elva has had trouble with sales, and the company has been seeking additional sources of income and cost-cutting just to say afloat during the pandemic. The company is planning on selling its massive Technology Center headquarters in Woking, United Kingdom, just to immediately lease it back from the new owners to free-up some extra cash. 

The P1’s (presumably hybrid) successor is slated to be announced/unveiled in early 2024 and has already been dubbed “son of P1”. The brand will be holding off on manufacturing any more Ultimate Series cars to keep some extra cash around for the other higher-volume cars with upcoming releases like the Artura, a V6 hybrid scheduled for availability in 2021.