McLaren Senna LM

McLaren Senna LM Arrives at a Dealership in the UK

It’s Gray and Orange and Beautiful

It seems that McLaren is getting the most out of its Senna platform. But here’s the thing, the company is keeping things pretty hush-hush. According to Carscoops, there’s no official press material about the car shown above. That car is what’s called a Senna LM and the company plans to build 20 of them worldwide. One recently appeared at a UK dealership. 

The Glasgow dealership is located in the UK. It’s finished in gray paint and it has orange accents. The front splitter is low and beautiful and features the orange paint. The car also has a massive rear wing that has both the gray and the orange paint on it. 

According to The Supercar Blog, the Senna LM is based on the Senna GTR chassis. However, unlike the GTR, this unique version of the Senna is street legal. The car gets a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that makes 814 hp. That makes it one of the most powerful McLaren machines out there. 

McLaren isn’t just building the Senna LM, the company also has a Senna Can-Am. This car, too, is being put out quietly and without press materials. The company will make only three of those cars. We don’t know the price of either the LM or the Can-Am at this time. If we find out, we’ll report it.