McLaren BC-03

McLaren’s BC-03 Could Cost $3.5 Million

A Pricey Machine for Sure

The McLaren BC-03 is a hypercar that McLaren plans to only make 15 of. The car leaked in 2019 but there hasn’t been much else out there about the car. the name BC-03 isn’t the final name of the vehicle. It’s just the code name, and the car will likely get a new McLaren-appropriate name when it gets close to coming available. New info shows that the McLaren BC-03 could cost around $3.5 million. 

According to a report from The Supercar Blog, sources told the publication that the price will be between $3.5 and $4 million. The car is an evolution of the Senna GTR, or so it looked from the images that leaked back in September of 2019. With that said, it has been altered considerably to warrant the higher price tag. 

The exterior of the car is even more extreme and the rear wing is integrated into the bodywork. The car’s powertrain has not been confirmed, but it could be a 4.0-liter twin-turbo paired with an electric motor. The rumored power output for the vehicle is 1,100 hp. That sounds like more than enough power to us. As expensive as $3.5 million sounds, this hypercar could be one of the most impressive machines that McLaren has ever produced.