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Mercedes AMG One on the track

Another prototype being tested on the famous Nürburgring

We are all eagerly awaiting the official, public unveil of the new Mercedes-AMG One hypercar, but at the moment we’ll have to be content with watching one of their latest prototypes hurdling down the famous Nürburgrin Nordschleife in Germany, taking corners while remaining virtually flat, this will be an amazing car once available, I for one can’t wait to encounter one on the road.

Some rumors mention a power output close to 1,200 hp from an F1 derived 1.6-Liter V6 engine, with Hybrid added naturally, I wonder if they are going to create a Roadster version of this one, as they did with the extremely rare CLK GTR, after they made the initial 20 units, the intention was to create 5 CLK GTR Roadsters, but six of the latter were built, one in Black, one in dark silver and the remaining four in the classic silver paint …

The latest information we have is that customers should be taking delivery of their Mercedes-AMG One in 2021, but there are only a few months left this year, and they are still testing prototypes on a closed track … if Mercedes-AMG still wants to have their One in a customer’s garage before the end of the year, they might want to speed things up … no pun intented.