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Project one

Mercedes-AMG Teases the Project One in a Video

Lewis Hamilton with the Assist

Mercedes-AMG revealed the Project One two years ago and it is just now getting around to showcasing the car on the track. The company released a teaser video featuring Lewis Hamilton and the Project One car, which was obscured under a camo wrap. 

This is really the first look that the public has had at the car that’s under development right now. The video doesn’t give any new information about the car but it does let us hear and see the vehicle doing its thing on the racetrack. The car’s active aero is visible as it takes on the racetrack. 

Powering the Formula 1 car for the road, as Mercedes-AMG likes to call it is an EQ POWER+ powertrain that has given Mercedes wins on the racetrack. According to EVO, Mercdes-AMG’s CEO Tobias Moers said, “We are the first to make Formula 1 technology roadworthy.”

In the F1 car, the rear wheels receive power from a turbocharged 1.6-liter gasoline V6. There are also electric motors at each front wheel, providing torque vectoring power that’s intelligently controlled. According to EVO, while the principles to the Project One’s powertrain will be the same, Mercedes says this is a bespoke powertrain. 

While the video is honestly a little bit of a letdown in that there is no new information, it is still a lot of fun to watch. You can check it out below.