Mixed Bag

Top story over the weekend was Porsche’s official announcement following the GT2’s brochure leak last Friday on Speed6. The new press images and release did little to expand on what was discovered last week, so we now take a look at 9ff’s new 910 bhp tuning program instead.

Devoting some time to review a few Goodwood cars, this edition of Supercars.net focuses on two massive 20+ liter cars. First up is the famous Napier-Railton Special which used a 23 liter aeroplane engine to break many records in the ’30s. It was probably motivated by the 1909 Blitzen-Benz, one of which was also present at Goodwood.

Next we take a look at the more common F355 Berlinetta which rightly deserves its place as one of Ferrari’s best entry level supercars.

To conclude, we feature at the 190E Evolution that is sometimes overshadowed by its big-winged Evo II brother. These cars both set a new pace for BMW’s aging M3 Sport Evolution.