Monterey Historic Races

Earlier this month the Monterey Historic Races were held at the Laguna Seca circuit in California. For the 36th edition, Porsche was celebrated in almost every class and the factory Porsche team was present to showcase their cars.

Among the 15 classes, our favorite was Group 7A, which had all the Porsche FIA prototypes including the 906s, 908s, 910s and the infamous 917s. Among the all the Porsches we found two singularities that stood out. The first of these was a 356 SL which was one of the Le Mans Coupes that was chopped for SCCA racing. In a similar vein we also have the Kremer K8 which is a spyder version of the successful 962 Group-C car.

Almost every car from the races can be found in our feature gallery. Also included are cars from the display areas and the Devon supercar which was publically debuted at the event.