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More SEMA Showcars

Amazing SEMA Showcars

We kept up with most of the major manufacturers and their barrage of releases leading up to SEMA, but the show is always full of surprises. Take for instance SLP’s new Camaro supercharger package which raises peak output to 585 BHP. In a similar vein, SMS Supercars also presented their Mustang 302 SC. Although not a performance upgrade, we appreciated the Vörsteiner GTRS3 M3 too.

Toyota’s whole stand would have been a low point for performance if the RK Collection Camry NASCAR Edition didn’t show up. Likewise KIA used their Grand-Am challenger to come up with the Kia Forte Koup Type R Concept.

Mazda brought out a new MX-5 called the Mazda MX-5 Super20 to celebrate 20 years of the Miata. On the more aggressive tip was their Redline Time Attack Mazda3. Honda focused soley on the CR-Z with a Hybrid R Concept, HPD CR-Z Racer and a CR-Z with JDM Mugen Accessories.

Corvettes were a favorite at SEMA and a couple couchbuilt specials were around. Take for instance the Rossi SixtySix or CRC Corvette ‘€™62 which redesign the C6 platform. A new company called Vortex from Seattle, Washington also launched the Vortex F1