NAIAS PREVIEW: V12 Audi R8, 550 bhp Cadillac CTS 2

Supercar debuts aren�t typical at Detroit, but Audi have taken the opportunity to debut the R8 everyone�s always wanted–well almost.

For the show they have prepared a concept version of the R8 with their Diesel V12 engine shoehorned in the bay. This is the first oil-burning supercar to appear, and one of the few that can boast 28 mpg.

If Ford and Chrysler don�t up the ante, we bets GM might take the Detroit Auto Show. Their recently released LS9 which powers the Corvette ZR1 is all aces, but now they have put it in a Cadillac.

The second generation CTS-V is now a 550 bhp monster thanks to the supercharged power. With the Corvette, this STS, and a pre-production version of the Volt Concept, GM will stack up quite well against the other Detroit giants at the NAIAS.