The New Vauxhall VXR – Worth the Cost?

Any motorist in the market for a new car may feel slightly overwhelmed with the amount of choice available to them. For those wanting a high-performance hatchback which also has plenty of character and soul, you may want to take a look at Vauxhall’s excellent VXR range. Many modern day high-performance cars do not have much personality, but the same cannot be said for this impressive range.


The new Astra VXR has improved on the previous performance of the VXR and it now ticks all of the boxes and is receiving rave reviews. The previous generation of VXR was well-known for its superfast speeds, but some were deterred by the handling which was not as precise as its competitors. This is no longer the case and it is now a thrilling drive with incredible speeds (the fastest in its class) and sharp handling. It features a 2.0-litre 4cylinder turbo engine, 276bhp and a 0-62/top speed of just 5.9 seconds.


The new Astra VXR is also a real head turner. It has an athletic shape which builds on the previous three-door Astra hatch design, but it has been given a slight makeover with a more aggressive front and rear spoiler, side skirting down the middle and louder colours. It also boasts 19-inch alloy wheels, LED tail-lights and a spacious and stylish interior.

Everyday Usability

Overall, the Astra VXR is a great choice if you are looking for top speeds, immense driver satisfaction and attention-seeking looks and sound. With the newest addition, all of this now also comes with superb everyday usability. This ensures that it retains its cheeky and raucous design, but has now incorporated a more accessible maturity.


One area where motorists may be hesitant is the price of the new Astra VXR. To reduce costs, you could look into investing in a used model or possibly lease the automobile. To find the best deals on leases, you will need to visit reputable leasing businesses, like Car4Leasing. Many motorists find renting a car a much more affordable way to drive their favourite vehicles.

The performance hatchback arena is fiercely competitive and it can be difficult to know which car is best. Not only is the Vauxhall Astra VXR the fastest in its class, but it now offers much-improved handling and this makes it a great choice and particularly for those that like character and personality with their vehicle.