Off-Roading Ute: Service Body, or Tub and Canopy?

Off-road driving can be an exhilarating experience. The bump of your tires over un-touched paths, the feeling of the wind against your skin as you explore somewhere completely off the beaten track. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with off-roading, is that it can leave your Ute looking a little worse-for-wear.

Although your Ute was almost certainly built to tackle all terrains, that doesn’t mean that it’s not vulnerable to things like unpredictable weather, dust, and flying debris. If you want to protect not only your vehicle investment, but also the supplies and equipment you’re carrying with you, then you’re going to need some accessories to make the most of your off-road experience.

The question is then: “Is a service body, or a tub and canopy the best choice for you?”

The Benefits of a Service Body

A Ute service body is a strong and reliable source of protection for your vehicle. Though it’s possible to create these service bodies using a range of different materials, the best options are those that are both lightweight, and durable. For instance, craft custom service bodies using aluminium.

Unlike other materials like steel that might weigh your Ute down during an off-road adventure, or unreliable solutions like cloth, an aluminium service body gives you the protection you need, without detracting from vehicle performance. Service bodies help to create a sleek, and practical space in the back of your Ute, where you can store emergency equipment like spare tires and water (ideal for an off-roading experience), alongside camping equipment, and a host of other essentials.

What’s more, service bodies can be equipped with customisable features that meet your specific driving needs. For instance, you could install roof racks and grab handles for extra storage space when you’re transporting larger items. If you’re off-roading for the sake of business, you could even install lockable drawers and shelves, to keep your equipment safe and organised.

The Benefits of a Tub and Canopy

Canopies and tub-liners, are often best-suited for people who are off-roading purely for recreational purposes. Your canopy will protect the back of your vehicle from damage, just as a service body would, without reducing performance or causing drag. The best material for a Ute canopy is fiberglass, as it can be moulded and shaped to meet the needs of your vehicle.

What’s more, fiberglass is surprisingly strong. It holds up well to flying debris, dirt, and unpredictable weather, so that you can rest assured the items in the back of your Ute remain defended at all times. The use of a tub liner alongside your canopy will ensure that the equipment you load into the back of your Ute stays secure as your vehicle bumps tackles tough terrain.

Additionally, you can install fit-outs with your canopy that upgrade your driving experience, such as reversing sensors, lights, and tinted windows.

Which Option is Best for my Off-roading Adventure?

When it comes to choosing the best custom design for your off-roading adventure, the decision will ultimately come down to what you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re taking your vehicle off road in the name of business, then a strong, organised service body could help make sure that you stay looking professional at all times.

Alternatively, if you’re off-roading for recreational purposes, or you simply don’t need the wide-range of fit-outs and additional extras that an aluminium service body can provide, you can still protect your vehicle with a tub and canopy.

Just remember, no matter where you’re headed, stay safe and be prepared. Maps, spare-wheels, and emergency equipment are always crucial supplies for an off-roading adventure.