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One final hurrah for the Lamborghini Huracan, the STJ

It seems like Automobili Lamborghini SpA isn’t prepared to let go of the NA V10 engine in their Huracán range just yet, at this time they are producing the final units of the Huracan STO, the Huracan Tecnica, and the rather special Huracan Sterrato, I’m not sure the Huracan EVO is still in production, although a few EVO Spyder have been seen on final road testing recently, you haven’t been able to order any of these Lamborghini V10 models for a while now, production has been long sold out … or has it?

It seems Lamborghini has just filed a new trademark, Huracan STJ, with a script that reminds us immediately of the Aventador SVJ, the Super Veloce Jota edition of which 900 Coupe and 800 Roadster have been built. Now it seems Sant’Agata is going to do something similar as a final hurrah for the outgoing NA V10 engine, from what we believe the STJ will stand for Super Trofeo Jota, so most likely an even more track-focused version of the Huracan STO. While some sources mention this Huracan STJ could be a track-only model for the purist to take out onto the track, personally I don’t think so, in that case, it would be called the SCV10 I think, just like we had the magnificent sounding SCV12 Essenza based on the Aventador.

So I think the Huracan STJ will be a very limited-production version of the Huracan STO taking inspiration from the magnificent Super Trofeo EVO2 racecar currently competing in the series, if we will see a power increase beyond the 640 hp of the STO is unlikely, Lamborghini isn’t really into the power output race right now with the successor just around the corner, so I think perhaps 650hp could be an option, but I’m almost certain we’ll get some really wild aero on this upcoming Huracan STJ edition.

And it wouldn’t be the first time a car manufacturer takes what should be a track-only car and makes it a street-legal flagship model of the range, just look at the Ferrari with their new SF90 XX Stradale, normally within the Ferrari roam the XX monicker was reserved for a very low number of cars that couldn’t be driven on the streets, but now they introduced this XX Stradale, a race car for the open road, and is why I’m thinking this new Huracan STJ will be something along those lines, a street-legal version of the Super Trofeo EVO2 car, a little like the STO was the ‘open-road’ edition of the Huracan Super Trofeo.

Whatever the case, it is very interesting to see a trademark being filed for the Lamborghini Huracan STJ at this time, we all know the successor will probably be introduced later this year, and that car will most likely be a V8, probably twin-turbo, but certainly in a hybrid package. And it has been known for a while now that the entire Huracan production was sold out a long time ago … so why come up with one more ‘special’ based on the NA V10 platform that should be replaced in a matter of months? Is there a problem with the development of the successor?

Whatever the case might be, I for one am really looking forward to seeing an official press release on this Lamborghini Huracan STJ, the Super Trofeo Jota edition, that will be the final version of this extremely successful model from Sant’Agata, for now all we can do is imagine how this race car for the road could look, so that’s why I’ve created a few virtual renders of what I think we might be seeing soon, in a few different colors. I do think that a Huracan STJ will be a very limited production model, perhaps even only 100 units as we’ve seen with the Aventador Ultimae edition, and if the Huracan STJ looks anything like my renders, I’m sure enthusiasts will be lining up to get an order in … chances are by the time we see something official in public, the entire production run of the Huracan STJ is already sold out too.