Palm Beach Supercars & Sebring Test

Palm Beach Supercar Weekend

One of the events best suited for has to be the Palm Beach Supercar Weekend. In just its third year, the organizers have turned their main show into huge event.

This year we have photography from two guest photographers, Jasen Delgado and Blake Simon. We have assembled a highlight gallery from their work, but for more complete coverage you should visit their websites: Automotion Photo and

Sebring test days finished today and some exciting new cars were ran. The most striking of these was Acura’s ARX-02a which brings them up to LMP1. It will run against the best from Lola, Audi and Peugeot at the race. In the GT2 class, BMW have finalized their M3 racecar and all Corvette hopes are now rest on the C6 GT2 built by Riley Technologies.