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Patent Shows Ferrari’s Working On a Electric Supercar

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Ferrari is known for its V12 internal combustion engines, but now it seems the car company will put out an all-electric supercar sometime in the future. CarBuzz tracked down European Patent Office patent documentation that shows an electric car from Ferrari. 

The CEO Louis Camilleri said a while back that the car company was open to an electric supercar, but it was unclear when that would become a reality. This is one of the first steps down that path. So, what’s the patent say the new car will be?

CarBuzz reported that the patent describes the car as “an electrically powered road vehicle comprising four drive wheels and four reversible electric machines, each of which is mechanically entirely independent of the other electric machines and has a shaft directly connected to a corresponding drive wheel.”

The design also allows for a hybrid possibility. This makes sense for Ferrari as the automaker has said in the past that it will put out more hybrid cars. Having the ability to use the same design in an all-electric model and a hybrid one only makes sense. The patent documentation calls out the possibility of an internal combustion engine.

Seeing as how Porsche and other automakers are investing heavily in electrified vehicles, it only makes sense that Ferrari does so as well. It has to stay competitive. Although this is a major departure from the brand’s past models, it will allow the company to continue to produce excellent supercars and hypercars.