Piech Automotive Mark Zero
Image from Piech Automotive

Piëch Automotive to Debut New Electric Sports Car

An Automotive Legacy Continues

If the Piëch name sounds familiar to you then you probably have Volkswagen Group in your head. Most people know Ferdinand Piech who was the chairman of VW Group. When you first hear of Piëch Automotive, you might think that he has made his way back into the automotive industry. Well, it is a member of his family, his son. 

Piëch Automotive plans to kick things off with a bang. The company will debut a new all-electric sports car at the Geneva Motor Show. Recent drawings and an image of the car recently surfaced on the web. According to the German publication N-TVPiëch Automotive has a special modular platform that works with electric motors, fuel cells, hybrids, and internal combustion engines.

The company plans to use this platform to build numerous vehicles, including sedans and SUVs. The sports car, called the GT Mark Zero will appear in Geneva as the company’s first vehicle. It will have a class two-door GT style and be powered by an electric motor. The battery utilizes a new cell type that allows it to reach up to 310 miles per charge. 

Performance numbers and charge times have not yet been released. The new battery technology is intriguing. That’s what’s holding electric cars back. If the new battery cell technology is revolutionary enough, it could help speed the proliferation of electric cars across the world. Piëch Automotive promises short charge times, but it’s unclear what the company means by that.