Porsche Releases More Images of the Concept 917

Porsche concept 917

The Company Still Won’t Make It

The Porsche Concept 917 was never meant to go to production, as much as we want it to, and Porsche is still pretty adamant that it won’t move beyond the stage it’s currently at. However, the company released more images of the amazing concept car that pays homage to one of its best cars of all time.

The 917 turned 50 years old this year, so Porsche decided to dig up the concept 917 that it put away in 2013. Most people had no idea it existed and didn’t know that Porsche was even thinking of such a design concept. We reported that the concept is actually older than a lot of people thought a while back. That bright to light how much Porsche had kicked the idea around before putting it into storage.

As Carscoops points out, the car in the images shown here is actually nothing more than a foil-clad study. It’s a representation of the car as far as it got and not an actual car or even a fully-completed concept. That doesn’t stop us from wanting Porsche to make this model into a reality, even if it never actually races.