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Prior Design Releases Wide Body Aero Kit For Porsche Taycan

An Aftermarket First

It has been a few months since the first batch of customers took deliveries, and I think it would be safe to say that many of them (myself included) were anticipating the aftermarket to take-on the Taycan. Other than the odd time a wheel company has come out with some Taycan-specific products, we’ve been offered little to no glimpses of anything truly significant. Until now.

Fittingly, it is German outfit Prior Design that has earned the accolade of being first across the line in this regard. They are known for producing high-end body kits for some of the most famous exotics on the market, along with similar models such as the Porsche Panamera and Tesla Model S.

The Transformation

Their latest wide body aero kit transforms the Taycan’s appearance from pragmatic high-performance EV to specialized track-machine. This is most notably achieved through the use of over-fenders which widen the Taycan’s stance up to 60 mm in the front and 100 mm in the rear. It looks as though these pieces are integrated into the stock body, meaning that prospective customers will have to be OK cutting/drilling into the fenders and bumpers of their nearly-brand-new cars…

Completing the package is a pair of side skirts and a large GT-style rear wing which was obviously designed with little concern about range. Prior Design has also produced a set of twin-spoke 22″ wheels specially made to work with their aero kit. It is likely that these are the only wheels that will fit properly, until other companies provide more options – otherwise you’ll have to go the bespoke route.

There’s Still More to Come

The company has also stated that a more “entry-level” version of the kit will be available in the near future. They have iterated that this version will forgo the use of the over-fenders and be more streamlined with the car’s original body lines. This is great news for those who don’t want to put their car under the knife, while still having a more aggressive and differentiable car.

Prices are available upon request at