Rarities from Paris

With such a great offering from Paris, we can still feature some of the rarer cars which haven’t yet received much attention. Take for example Venturi. This Monaco-based company brought an updated version of their electric supercar called the Fétish and a new concept known as the America.

From Magny-Cours, Exagon Motors also had a new electric supercar in Paris. Their Furtive-eGT uses two Siemens motors and Saft Lithium-Ion batteries for a range of 197 to 406 km.

As we mentioned earlier, Lotus brought five new models to Paris and of them the Lotus Esprit got the most attention. One of the lesser-covered cars was the Eterne Prototype which will be the company’s next four-door GT. Like the Esprit, it will be powered by a new V8 with 600 bhp.