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Rimac Nevera Goes Against A Formula 1 Car & McMurty Speirling In A Drag Race

The all-electric Rimac Nevera reaffirmed its position as the fastest car in carwow drag race history, a popular feature on the world’s largest automotive YouTube channel, showcasing intense head-to-head competitions over the quarter-mile.

In this thrilling showdown, the Nevera displayed its incredible speed by outpacing both the Red Bull Formula 1 car, the Red Bull RB8, instrumental in Sebastian Vettel’s 2012 championship win, and the renowned McMurty Speirling, in an exhilarating head-to-head drag race.

Notably, the Nevera also made an impressive appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb, setting a remarkable time in the Supercar Shootout. This achievement further solidified its standing as the fastest electric production car to tackle the renowned hillclimb and the swiftest production car overall in 2023. The Rimac Group has ambitious plans to attempt more record-breaking feats in the future.

The race took place on one of the UK’s longest runways, where the Nevera faced fierce competition from the McMurtry Spéirling, equipped with its active aero fan for optimal traction, and the RB8, driven by Red Bull Racing reserve driver, Liam Lawson.

Despite a strong start from the lighter competitors, the Nevera’s independent four-wheel-drive system, powered by individual motors, allowed it to catch up and finish just ahead of both opponents at the ¼-mile mark. Although the Spéirling claimed victory in the second race, the Nevera once again showcased its prowess during the final ¼-mile race and the rolling race from 50mph to ½-mile, ultimately securing the coveted title of the overall champion and the fastest car ever to participate in a carwow drag race.

Watch the video to see all the action.