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Rolls Royce Imagines 103EX


Rolls Royce embodies the spirit of luxury vehicle with its long history of curating a line of timeless cars. Moving forward the brand envisions what the next 100 years of auto making will be like. Enter the 103EX, in short a thing of legend and science fiction.


With its sleek chassis, metallic design and plush interior, the 103EX cuts just the kind of silhouette champagne dreams are made of. That being the case every detail is attended to with utmost precision. In fact the idea is to give the passenger the comfort of always riding in style with a red carpet sort of flare. The autonomous Rolls Royce even announces its arrival to pick up its passengers. How’s that for cutting out the chauffeur and the valet in one fell swoop?

Rolls Royce unveils its next 100 years of design. Photo courtesy of Rolls Royce.

The hard shell presents the illusion that the car is actually flying. The wheels for instance are 65 pieces of handbuilt aluminum. Jumping to the thing of beauty that are the doors and roof, RR has engineered a hinged system so that while passengers step into the vehicle the doors and roof raise. Passengers never bend over when mounting the vehicle. Thank the clamshell design for that bit of ingenuity married to VIP comfort.


The classic Pantheon grill remains faithful to its origins while the radiator mascot gets a crystal upgrade. The iconic silhouette of the Rolls Royce woman now is utterly crystallized on the hood of your car of the future. However that doesn’t mean neither element doesn’t come tricked out. The famous grill now illuminates like a future forward vision of what headlights should be.

The Rolls Royce 103EX. Photo courtesy of Rolls Royce.

Meanwhile the engine makes a disappearing act. The front of the car now is real estate for luggage space. No more bulky engine squatting in the front end of the car. In fact in an effort to explore what the next 100 years of Rolls Royce will ultimately be, we and the clever designers at RR are set to ponder how such a vehicle might indeed be powered. The obvious notion is something of an electric vehicle. But in 100 years will we be manipulating some other power source even more fantastical than what we currently associate with electric cars?