SEMA Day 2

Today we finished collecting images from the manufacturer showcases at SEMA. While they all put on impressive displays, GM should get extra marks for the Pratt & Miller-designed track cars. They also used the occasion to showcase their crate engines, complete with mototronics, shifter & gas pedal called E-Rod.

Chrysler came very prepared with 35 cars at SEMA. Among them was the new Redline Charger which sets a very high standard of finish usually associated with premium brands. They also brought along the new Fiat 500 with some curious Mopar bits added on.

Ford spend considerable time to ensure everyone could be entertained at SEMA. They had Mustangs, Fiestas, Classic Broncos, Hot Rods and racecars on their stand. Center stage was a Ford Racing Fiesta which had paint dropped on it during the show by designer Camilo Pardo.

Honda focused in on the CR-V and brought numerous performance versions, while Hyundai gave money to some design teams to come up with eccentric designs. They also had the PM580 Pikes Peak car which was a welcome sight.