Spring Cleaning

With all the tuned cars released in the last few weeks, it would seem like a tuning show was just around the corner. Unfortunately, this was just lucky timing.

Today, we have 11 new supercars that are easily topped by Hamann’s Murcielago LP640. While performance upgrades are limited to the exhuast, Hamann have attached a new carbon fiber bodykit and oversize wheels that make the Murcielago look even more megalomaniacal.

Here’s the substantial list of recently tuned cars:

2007 Hamann Murcielago LP640
2007 Mallett Solstice Pitbull V8
2007 Katech Corvette Z06
2007 Novitec F430 Evoluzione0
2007 Rinspeed 911 LeMans 600
2007 Roush GT 600RE
2007 ASMA Eagle II
2007 Autodelta GT Super Evo
2007 Edo GT
2007 Edo 911 Turbo
2007 Steeda Cobra GT500