Step on the Gas! Three Things That Can Increase the Cost of Your Car Insurance

It’s just a fact of life that you need car insurance. It might not be ideal, but it’s far better than having to deal with the consequences of driving without it. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll never actually need it. But for many people, the cost of insuring their car can be a serious drain on their finances. Owning a car is expensive enough without having to deal with that as well. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your insurance always needs to be so expensive. There are always certain things that can increase or decrease the cost of your insurance. Some things you can’t control like your age or your gender. But there are some things that you can avoid to make sure that your premiums stay as low as possible.

Car size

We all love the sound of a powerful engine opening up as you take it out on the open road. But that satisfaction can turn sour very quickly when you’re faced with just how much the car will cost to insure. Larger, more powerful cars are inevitably going to cost you far more to insure than a smaller one. The reason why is pretty obvious. A more powerful, faster care presents more of a risk on the road than a smaller, slower one. If you want to save a bit of money, maybe don’t go straight for the dream car and settle for something a bit less exciting.

Driving history

Your personal driving habits can be one of the biggest factors on your insurances prices. Parking fines, speeding tickets, and accidents can all drive the price up pretty significantly. If you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your, then it’s important that you hire a lawyer like Christopher Dixon to make sure that you don’t suffer any more of a penalty than you need to. Don’t worry if you had a wild few years either, over time the marks on your record become less and less important. Just make sure that you drive as safely and carefully as possible and you’ll be amazed at how the price of your insurance will drop.


This one might seem a little bit odd, but many insurance companies increase the price of your premiums based on your profession. They do this by making correlations between someone’s job and the likelihood that they’re going to get in an accident. Those who drive a lot for their job, such as delivery drivers, are expected to have more accidents simply because of how much time they spend on the road. Whereas people who work from home won’t be at as high a risk because they drive far less often. There are also often lower rates offered to the police, ambulance drivers, and insurance underwriters because insurers expect them to be safer and more careful than the average driver.
Whether you can change certain things or not, it’s always important to consider the factors that go into deciding your insurance rates since they will often stack on top of one another and that can cause them to add up considerably.