Summer Supercars

Since the last few updates were event driven, we missed many supercars that recently debuted. So today we compile a list of all the new entries in the database.

Of these new cars, both the Caterham X330 and Radical SR8LM break the massive 600 BHP per ton benchmark. They do so by being uncompromising to comfort and luxury, instead focusing on added lightness and horsepower.

Here’s the complete list, including many Goodwood debuts:

2008 Nissan Skyline GT-R
2007 Mugen Civic Type-RR
2007 Concept Climax Roadster
2007 Radical SR8LM
2007 Caterham X330 Concept
2007 Ford GT GT3 by Matech
2008 Lightning GTR
2007 Edo Murcielago LP640
2007 Castagna Aznom

We also have the latest round of the LeMans Series from the Nurburgring thanks to photographer Dirk de Jager. His colorful gallery has all the cars, and pictures of the Lavaggi going straight into the wall!