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Supercar Care to Make Your Investment Last

Have you always dreamed of owning a car that simply can’t be missed on the road? Let’s face it, few people can resist staring after a distinctive roar of a Supercar engine. Buying a Supercar will set you back a tidy sum, and maintaining it is quite a process as well. After all, you can’t let it sit and gather dust in the garage – nobody will see it in there!  

It’s quite fascinating how a person changes from the moment they take the keys to their first supercar in their hands for the first time. It’s actually quite a sobering experience. At first, there’s the rush of everyone staring as you pull out of the driveway and down the road. But soon, you start receiving menacing looks from misers and responsible drivers who assume you’re arrogant…

Suddenly, you’re concerned about where you park. Repairing dents and scratches can be pretty expensive! You also start to spend a lot of time at the detailing shop.

You might have dreamed about driving at breakneck speeds, but suddenly, you realize that your car that has the potential of well over 200 mph, will rarely have an opportunity to exceed 65 mpg – the legal speed limit. Look for instance at Tesla’s P100D, which can go from 0-60 in under 2.3 seconds. It’s really a pity that you have to adhere to speed limits (most of the time).

But the reward is well worth the effort you put into taking care of your supercar.

What You Need to Know About Supercar Care

Supercar care is crucial to maintaining your investment according to OEM standards. It’s especially important to keep your paintwork and alloy wheels in tip-top shape and shiny clean. Therefore, you can’t let two weeks pass without washing it. However, standard car washing will not cut it.

In order to maintain that luxurious sheen on your supercar, you have to have it detailed, polished and waxed every time. Here’s what you should know about washing and caring for your supercar:

Before washing your supercar, you should first clean the inside and remove road dirt by hand. Then, start from the top and wash the body and wheels. Next, you should clean the windows and mirrors and then, you need to wax your exterior. The frequency will depend on weather conditions. For the interior, leather wipes work best, but you must occasionally condition the leather to prevent cracks.

Caring for your Supercar Engine

Be sure to inquire about the manufacturer’s maintenance policy. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to check the service intervals and costs. Most dealerships that sell new cars will offer a maintenance package with fixed-price services based on a time period or a mileage limit. Keeping a stamped service history will help maintain the value of your vehicle.

Servicing and parts are even more important than the exterior cosmetics. Why? Well, a supercar is a powerful piece of equipment. As such, only the best OEM parts and professional maintenance will do – even if your supercar is a classic from the 80s or 90s. If your car is new, it’s important to have it serviced by accredited service shops. Speak to your dealer about the nearest approved workshop.

Dealers usually tend to move away from servicing the older models in order to focus on the latest technology, but there are many specialists who can still service your classic car. In fact, sometimes independent specialists are better able to care for a classic supercar than the dealer.

Part of owning a supercar is accepting the fact that services and maintenance can be expensive. Don’t skimp on this crucial aspect of owning a supercar, and always opt for quality parts.

Ready to Buy a Supercar?

If you’ve done your research about supercar care, and you’re ready to take the plunge – congratulations! The next step is to shop around for the best deals. Naturally, you will want to buy from a reputable source. Some people take advantage of online deals by buying supercars through clubs or reputable dealerships.

Always test drive the vehicle first, and don’t forget to review the service history.

If you’re buying your first supercar from out of state, it’s a good idea to have it shipped to you. Your first trip in a Supercar should not be across many hundreds of miles.  Many classic supercar owners rely on nationwide car shipping companies to bring their vehicles to them from dealers out of state, and to move their classic supercars to shows or exhibitions.