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SuperCarBlondie reivews the Aston Martin Valkyrie

SuperCarBlondie Reviews The Aston Martin Valkyrie

A ton of the small details examined in her review of just how insanely engineered the car is

One of only three independent, non-major media reviewers invited to drive the Aston Martin Valkyrie in Bahrain, SuperCarBlondie, or as she prefers to be known, Alex, doesn’t waste her chance to go over the small details that make the car what it is, such as how much the seats weight, how light everything is, and the like. She is also the only reviewer to show the frunk of the Valkyrie! Granted, it won’t hold very much, but it exists simply to remove the half kilogram or so of carbon fiber weight that filling it in would require.

One of the highlights of the review is that after driving around in the Valkyrie herself, she gets a proper ride around the track in the Valkyrie AMR Pro, the racing version of the car. Much like her, we’d probably have a grin tearing our face apart the whole way, not saying a word so we could hear every single RPM of the 11,500 that the 6.5L naturally aspirated, Cosworth-designed V12 chucks out. Oh, and that engine makes 1,000 HP, with a performance hybrid system also kicking in 160 HP for the Valkyrie’s 1,160 total HP.