Today we take a break from the rallies and modern world to admire three exceptional designs from the past.

The first is arguably the most radical Corvette ever made. Looking like an RC-Car in our oldschool pictures, this Grand Sport II was packed with the best technology available to propel GM and Chaparral to the forefront of the 1960s racing scene. Its story has been little known to us for years, but we can finally post what we have learnt.

At their upcoming Auction at the Monterey Jet Center, Christie’s will have the 250 Lusso once owned by Steve Mcqueen. Having seen this car in person several times, we can say that it is one of the most immaculate Lussos in the world. This probably explains why the estimated price floats around one million.

Finally, to celebrate AMG’s 40th we have a curious 450 SLC. Where Mercedes-Benz developed their version for World Rally, AMG focused on the European Touring Championship and won with this Group-2 contender.