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The GMA T.50 Reveal
Dario Franchitti and Gordon Murray next to the amazing T.50

The 5 Best YouTube Overviews Of The GMA T.50

Top Gear got the exclusive first look. As they were leaving the Gordon Murray Automotive demonstration at the Top Gear test track, every YouTube channel and their respective kitchen sinks were waiting for their turn with Gordon and T.50.

So, instead of forcing you to go out there and look up each and every one, we here at have decided to watch most of them for you, and bring the best of the best forward.

We’ll also provide a few notes as to what makes each overview different/special.

Gordon Murray Automotive

No better place to start than with the short film that GMA put together to highlight the T.50 and what it’s all about. As well, it goes over the greatest successes and the history of Gordon Murray, and why he wanted to make the T.50


Probably the most casually excited interview and overview of the bunch. Henry Catchpole seems to just have that knack of being super relaxed while inside, he is screaming with glee at being so close to the T.50.

Harry’s Garage

Harry and Gordon talk about the T.50 in relation to the McLaren F1, and how the car improves upon it, and finally matches Gordon’s expectations for a full-on hypercar.


What is impressive about this video is that Mr JWW is a multiple supercar owner. He drives these types of cars daily, and even he can’t help but be blown away by the T.50. This is a car enthusiast almost physically drooling over the car with Gordon watching, and one of those “yeah, I got this right” smiles creeping across his face.


This is the one interview with one of the most important questions: When is it going to be out? (Spoiler: 2022)


This video overview is the shortest of the bunch, but also compacts the most information into the shortest amount of time. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the 40+ minutes that the other videos take, this is the overview for you.