The Alpine A110S is the 288 hp Lightweight Monster You’ve Always Wanted

Alpine Adds More Horsepower

The new Alpine A110 is a lightweight little sports car that has a lot of people excited, but there were some naysayers out there who claimed it was short on power. That’s no longer the case with the A110S. Alpine decided to turn up the power to its 1.8-liter four-cylinder by upping the boost on the turbocharger. That move manages to add 49 hp. 

While the hp bump is a significant one up to 288, the torque stays the same at 236 lb-ft. We’re not complaining, though. That’s a respectable number and with the revamps to the engine, the car now has access to that torque higher in the rev range. All that is good news from a performance standpoint and that’s led to the car achieving a 0-60 mph time of just 4.4 seconds. 

Alpine couldn’t just up the horsepower and not touch the rest of the car for the A110S, so it also increased the spring stiffness by 50 percent and made the anti-roll bars 100 percent stiffer. It also gets some new 18-inch wheels and sits 4mm lower. The upgrades to the car do increase the weight a little bit to about 2,455 pounds, but the car is still a light lighter than its competition and with the extra power, it should be an absolute riot to drive.