Lotus type 130

The Debut of the Lotus Type 130 Is Set for July 16

It Will Happen In London

Lotus has an all-new, all-electric hypercar called the Type 130. Little is known about the upcoming car. That will change on July 16. That’s when the company will unveil its new vehicle in London. The British company recently announced the date for the reveal and dropped a new video on its YouTube page. 

Lotus will offer only 130 examples of the car to the world. Those cars are expected to be delivered in 2020. The reason the company will make 130 is because that’s the number of Lotus “Types” have been produced in the car company’s 71-year history. 

Lotus had better have something impressive up its sleeve for the Type 130. The CEO already said the car will be “mind-blowing.” That’s not all the CEO has said about the car. He’s hinted at modular battery packs, and a whole lot more. Lotus seems to be extremely excited for the future of the electric hypercar, and its enthusiasm is rubbing off on us. The CEO said this a few weeks ago:

There are distinct benefits of electrification, certainly in terms of aerodynamics, and the center of gravity can be low. We need to understand the needs of the customer. If you’re driving for 20 minutes on track, do you need the full battery pack?

That would indicate the car will be as lightweight and genuinely track ready and fun as possible. We’re not sure what all the Type 130 has in store, but we know we’ll get to find out on July 16. Mark your calendar.