Delage D8

The Delage D12 Hybrid Supercar Will Come Soon

Unveiled Next Week in California

The Delage D12 hybrid supercar might not be something you’ve heard about, but it should be a genuinely impressive machine. The entrepreneur Laurent Tapie brought back the Delage brand recently. The D12 will be its first new model in over six and a half decades. It’ll be a thoroughly modern supercar. 

According to The Supercar Blog, the D12 will come out early next week. The car will feature a hybrid powertrain. That powertrain will consist of a V12 engine paired with an electric motor. The engine itself will make 900 hp and the electric motor produces 330 hp. Together, you’re looking at 1,230 hp. That’s a lot of power. 

That puts the car in hypercar territory. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly the car is all about. More information will come at a later date. As we said, the car should make its official debut early next week and that debut should come with a lot more information than we have currently. Regardless, this will be a car worth paying attention to. It’s an interesting thing to bring back the Delage brand, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the Tapie-owned brand does.