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The Ferrari 250 GTO Recognized as a Work of Art by Italian Court

They’re Not Wrong

In a blow to companies who are seeking to make replicas of the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO, an Italian court recognized the car as a work of art, which means it can’t be copied or reproduced without consent from Ferrari. According to The Telegraph, the court decision came after Ferrari found out there was a company in Modena that planned to build replicas of the 250 GTO. The company started a petition for the design and intellectual property rights to be recognized. 

In a commercial tribunal, the court ruled in favor of Ferrari. It designated the car was a work of art. Therefore couldn’t be replicated in the manner that the company planned to. The court ruling stated, “the customization of the car’s lines and its aesthetic elements have made the 250 GTO unique, a true automobile icon.

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most highly sought after classic cars out there. It makes sense that companies would want to copy its design. There were only 36 of the cars made, and those cars go for obscene prices at auction. Last year, one went up for auction and sold for $48 million. With the real item demanding that kind of price, it makes sense that people would be interested in replica cars. They’d go for a fraction of the price. That won’t be happening, though.