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Lamborghini Hybrid Supercar
Image from Lamborghini

The First Lamborghini Hybrid Will Come to Frankfurt with a V12

Big Gas Engine Paired with Electric Power

Hybrids are the way supercars and hypercars are currently going, and Lamborghini will now get in on the action. The company has flirted with the idea for some time, but now it appears we’ll finally get to see what all that activity has rendered. According to Motoring, Lambo’s first hybrid vehicle will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

The company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Federico Foschini spoke with the publication and gave away some juicy details. Most importantly, the car will get a hybrid powertrain consisting of an electric motor and a 6.5-liter V12 engine. The electric motor drives the front wheels and the gasoline engine sends power to the rear. Foschini didn’t volunteer any information on the power output. However, Carscoops reported rumors of nearly 840 hp. 

Currently, the company calls the vehicle the LB48H. That will not be its official name once it makes its debut. That’s just the internal designation. The car that Lamborghini will unveil at the motor show will be a limited edition version of the car, similar to what the company did with the Centenario, Reventon, and Veneno. There will be 63 models built, and they’ve all been spoken for. 

The LB48H shows Lamborghini’s move towards alternative powertrain technology. The company wants to use this car to signal that shift, as it has other hybrid and electric cars in the works. It will serve as an indicator for the direction of the next Aventador and Lamborghini’s future models. It’s no surprise the company will go this route, as every automaker will have to innovate and create alternative powertrain vehicles in the future.