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Photo copyright Harry's garage - YouTube

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato … on the road, and off road

Do you need 610 hp in an off-road vehicle you might ask, well Lamborghini has proven that it sure doesn’t hurt to have that much power in a Raging Bull that can go off the smooth roads onto the dirt, first with their Super SUV, the Lamborghini Urus, which looks the part, but recently they have been delivering something truly wild, an off-road version of the Lamborghini Huracan, the V10-powered Baby Lamborghini, called the Sterrato, which actually stands for ‘dirt road’ in Italian as far as I understood.

We’ve seen countless photos of this odd Bull, even several video reviews, and just about all of those conclude the same thing, this might very well be one of the most exciting Lamborghini on the market today, it has supercar looks but comes with a raised suspension for more ground clearance, additional fender flares to protect the expensive paint job from the factory and you can spec it with all-terrain tires from the factory, even a roof rack that can hold a full size spare tire, and a pair of LED lamps to be mounted on the front bumper, however, that last option seems to be illegal on some markets, so you get only the black pods without the light delivered to your local dealership, which can fit the LED in them at your discretion.

Now some of you might have serious questions about why this model even exists, if you want a supercar you get a low-riding Huracan EVO, Tecnica or even the STO version, and if you want to go off-road you opt for the Urus, which can also seat five people (or four depending on the rear seat option you decided on), but make no mistake, the Huracan Sterrato is sold out, and Lamborghini will only make 1,499 units of it anyway, so in theory it’s a limited edition production model now, and let’s face it, there is also a Porsche 911 off-road version nowadays, so there must be a market for this kind of model in the end.

So is the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato a must-have car today? Let’s take a look at this very interesting and in-depth video from Harry’s garage on YouTube as he takes the latest V10 incarnation from Sant’Agata on a road trip, both on the pavement and off-road onto the wet grass, let’s see what Harry thinks about this oddity made in Italy: