The Lingenfelter Collection

Today we can present the supercar collection from Lingenfelter Motor Sports. Centered on Corvettes, the facility has over 150 cars from all walks of postwar motoring performance. Our gallery has almost all the cars that were on display this summer.

Sometimes known as the ‘Sultan of Michigan’, Ken Lingenfelter has assembled the collection in Michigan as a complement to Lingenfelter Performance Engineering based out of Decatur, Indiana. Both facilities pay tribute to the late John Lingenfelter who founded the company and was very active in NHRA drag racing. Some of the fastest Corvettes were produced by John and are now on display in the collection.

Last week we focused in on the 1953 McCulloch Supercharged Corvette and our newest gallery now shows more unique cars such as the 2002 Lingenfelter C5R 427 Twin Turbo and a 1976 Greenwood GT Corvette. More modern cars such as the Reventon and Bugatti see regular use on the roads of Michigan.