The Monterey Motorsports Reunion

Last weekend’s Monterey Motorsports Reunion marked the 37th running of the annual races at Laguna Seca. Under new direction and with a completely new name, the races were remarkably similar to previous editions. Everything from 1970s Forumla 1 racers to Grand National stock cars raced in one of 19 different classes and each finished with a 10-lap race on either Saturday or Sunday.

For 2010, racing driver, constructor, and team principle Dan Gurney was celebrated. Several of his old rides were prominently displayed throughout the weekend as well as the All American Racers he helped design. This included the blue Ferrari Daytona he drove on the original Cannonball Run in 1971 and the elegant Eagle F1 cars.

Another major highlight of the weekend was the Bugatti Grand Prix, a race which had over 35 prewar Bugattis. Official factory support came from Bugatti who displayed their black & orange Veyron Super Sport and ran parade laps the entire weekend. Among the many Type 35s, 37s and 51s were several interesting road-going models including the Type 57S Competition project.

Our gallery feature of the Monterey Motorsports Reunion features all the major races which were held on Saturday and many of the impressive cars in the paddock area. Dirk de Jager was trackside to provide all the action and Richard Owen scoured the paddock for details. Later this week we expect to have comprehensive features of both Concorso Italiano and The Quail online.