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2013 Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z Might Receive a Successor Afterall

A New Z Car Could Be Coming

This is good news. There were rumors that Nissan wouldn’t replace the 370Z. The rumors were that it would just let the little sports car die. There were other rumors that its successor would be a crossover. Yuck. Now, however, EVO has new information that indicates there will be a successor to the much-loved sports car. 

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s senior vice-president of design, said the brand would not let the 370Z fall by the wayside. “It’s in our soul. You can feel this in other Nissan designs, like the new Ariya; it’s not just about fuel efficiency, it wants to be driven, for the love of driving.

He went on to say that Nissan is working on a new Z car for the future. The 370Z doesn’t sell in vast quantities. Nissan isn’t making boatloads of money on the car, but it’s been out a long time, so we assume Nissan is still pretty happy with the machine. As EVO points out, the Z line of cars plays an important role in the brand’s image. It keeps Nissan exciting so that it can stay in people’s minds when they inevitably go and buy a practical family car.

Cars like the 370Z may not sell wildly, but they keep customer interest, and that’s an important branding value that’s hard to quantify. With that in mind and Albaisa’s comments, we think you can expect a new Z car in the next few years.