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Bugatti stored underneath the 2021 Performance S motorhome
Credit: Volkner Mobil

The Volkner Mobil Performance S: Mega Motorhome With a Supercar Garage

Volkner Mobil is renowned for its luxury motorhomes which seamlessly combine high-end living spaces with unique features, bespoke craftsmanship, advanced technology, and a focus on comfort and style, catering to the needs of the most discerning travelers who seek the ultimate in luxury and convenience on the road.

The Volkner Mobil Performance S

You may have heard of the Performance S, but if you haven’t, it’s essentially a mega motorhome that comes equipped with everything a discerning traveler and automotive enthusiast needs for what might be the most comfortable road trip on the planet.

What sets this apart from the other motorhomes on the market is that this motorhome isn’t just a home on wheels; it’s a mobile garage too, thanks to some nifty engineering, allowing owners to park and transport a supercar under the cabin.

BBQ setup on the Performance S motorhome
Credit: Volkner Mobil

Using an H-frame and hydraulics that let the floor move, the car shifts out from underneath. That same spot doubles as a sweet spot to chill outdoors with the use of a motorized awning as well.

Ferrari underneath the Performance S motorhome garage
Credit: Volkner Mobil

Over the last several years, Volkner Mobil has showcased this massive motorhome at various RV conferences. In 2021, the 40-foot RV costs $2.4 million but had a complete package which came with a Bugatti Chiron. The total cost? $7.7 million USD.

Bugatti stored underneath the 2021 Performance S motorhome
Credit: Volkner Mobil

The Performance S has been showcased with the ability to comfortably store the following vehicles:

If you can drive or ride it, this motorhome can most likely carry it.


This motorhome’s got a bit of a truck-meets-bus vibe, with plenty of room and power under the hood, thanks to a hefty Volvo engine putting out 460hp. Inside, it’s all about luxury, from the expandable living space to the high-tech driver’s seat, complete with all the latest tech gadgets including solar panels on the roof providing 1,800 amp-hours of total battery capacity.

Drivers seat on the Performance S motorhome
Credit: Volkner Mobil

The fancy Burmester sound system adds $355,000 to the total cost (worth it) and and the whole place is decked out in white with some hand-applied, fancy wood veneer. There’s a dining area with a fully equipped kitchen and even a spacious bathroom. 

Plus, there’s a surprise: extra beds hidden away for when you need them. At night, the back turns into a snug bedroom under a starlit ceiling.

Kitchen area on the Performance S motorhome
Credit: Volkner Mobil

It’s Not For Everyone (Obviously)

Despite the jaw-dropping price, the idea of hitting the road with all your home comforts, plus your favorite ride tucked in, is pretty tempting. Imagine doing a road trip hitting some of the best roads America has to offer, and having your supercar with you the entire time.

It sounds like the perfect retirement plan for those who want to enjoy a long trip in luxury and comfort. Choosing a motorhome, especially one of this price, isn’t an easy decision so here are some other tips you’ll want to consider before buying a motorhome:

  • Budget: Determine your total budget including purchase price, insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs.
  • Size and Layout: Choose a size that fits your travel needs and preferred comfort level. Consider the number of beds, bathroom facilities, and living space.
  • Features and Amenities: Look for features important to you, such as kitchen facilities, storage, and entertainment systems.
  • Maintenance and Durability: Research the build quality and ease of maintenance.

Other Amazing Motorhomes

So, obviously, not everyone has a couple million on hand to splurge on a decadent RV (and calling the Performance S an RV sounds like an insult). Here are a couple of other luxury motorhomes that we came across which also do the seemingly impossible.

Vario Perfect Platinum 1200

Vario Perfect Platinum 1200
Credit: Vario Mobil

The Vario Perfect Platinum 1200 is a luxurious, high-tech motorhome built on a Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis providing a spacious and sophisticated living space with innovative slide-out bay window technology. 

The vehicle includes a versatile garage for cars and as you can see, makes loading up a Mercedes AMG GT a breeze.

The starting price for the Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum is around $1 million USD, but with additional features and customizations, it can go up to $1.7 million USD.

Sleeping area on the Vario Perfect Platinum 1200
Credit: Vario Mobil

Futuria Sports + Spa Motorhome

Futuria Spa Homes Motorhome
Credit: Futuria Sports + Spa

The best way to describe the Futuria motorhome is literally “a yacht on wheels.” Launched in 2010, don’t let its looks fool you because it’s got a roof terrace with a full-size jacuzzi, a luxury lounge, comfortable sleeping bunks, a private bathroom, and a garage for sports cars at the rear.

The motorhome also features extendable sides to open up more floor area, and was priced around $770,000 at the time of its debut.

Interior of the Futuria Sports + Spa motorhome
Credit: Futuria Sports + Spa