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Alfa Romeo LEA

Alfa Romeo LEA Concept

Alfa, Please Make This

Alfa Romeo has a lot of things going for it in the styling department. Just about every one of its vehicles is a real looker. With that said, there’s always room for improvement. The Alfa’s of old outpace the new ones. They were so elegant and beautiful, and this unofficial concept from the designer Luigi Memola is a perfect example of how the car company could blend old school styling with new technology. 

The low-slung sports car was first spotted by Carscoops, and there’s we thought it worth sharing as well. From just about any angle, the car is sleek and curvaceous. It’s downright beautiful. The pointed nose at the front, the sleek frameless windshield, and the sharp-looking rear are all beautiful. the circular taillights and fog lamps give the car a futuristic look. 

Instead of mirrors, there are small cameras fitted to the front fenders. The hood features an air extractor, and the car appears to be rear mid-engined. Overall, the design is stunning. We’re not sure that Alfa could actually make this car, but we think this is the kind of thing it should aspire to. 

Memola has an interesting vision, one that we really like. It blends the sleek and curvy style of the best of the vintage sports cars with futuristic technology. This yields a result unlike any other out there. Alfa should take some notes for its next sports car.